It won’t be long now until SDF users can start testing the brand-new MetaArray V. From SDF@Mastodon:

MetaArray V went online for early testing with 112TB of storage, 3 times that of MetaArray IV.

Can’t wait to test this! Apparently we’re also moving back to Apache for the web server, which is nice. There’s bound to be some initial problems – but that’s all part of the fun after all🤓

Meanwhile, here’s some nice server-room ambiance (go fullscreen for blinkenlights):

Gallery Logo

Gallery Project logo

A small update after a long time: After my web host changed the HTTP server from good old Apache to Nginx last year, the Gallery has been broken, mostly due to lack of support for user-specified Apache .htaccess and mod_rewrite rules in Nginx. Fortunately I’ve now gotten it sorted out with a little assistance from the SDF admins and the very helpful people at the Gallery3 mailing group. Some server configuration for PHP had to be changed, and it was actually just a pretty small fix.

The Gallery Project has been around since 2001, when I first installed it. Unfortunately the project’s been in hibernation since 2014, but lately there’s been an attempt to make it work on newer PHP versions and fix some bugs, called Gallery Revival, and the code is available on GitHub.

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During the weekend, the server administrator at my host SDF moved half the hosted sites, including mine, over to another server, Gronland. This caused my gallery installation to mysteriously start working again! I still have no idea what caused the error, so unfortunately I cannot help those still stuck with a non-funtioning Gallery on the old server, Otaku, even though I would like to…

I’ve also looked over my PHP code after a part of my code caused the web server to hang. For instance, I’ve changed my use of include() to include_once(), and also do some checking if the file exists before I try to include it. Hopefully this will prevent these problems occuring in the future.

A few weeks ago I discovered that my Gallery was no longer working. I’ve had very little problems running Gallery here, and although there have been a couple of problems in the past, usually they can be sorted out by looking at error messages or the web server logs.

This time, though, there’s absolutely no feedback at all – the loading just stops before any data is received by the browser. I’ve posted help requests on the official Gallery page as well as in the help board here on SDF, so hopefully this will be fixed real soon…

Well, it’s about time I got this site off the testing stage. Not that there isn’t anything left to fix, but I need to start putting some content here instead of just fixing minor details all the time. Anyhow, here’s what’s new:

  • The Gallery is up again, containing some new pictures as well. I’ve upgraded to version 1.3 and it looks like that fixed the PHP register_globals ‘bug’. Great work from the Gallery development-team.
  • The weblog, powered by Moveable Type should be fully functional. But there’s still lots to do…
  • The main pages should (hopefully) be compliant with the XHTML 1.0 standard. Alas, the Gallery is not, and this is outside my contol (they’ll fix this in version 2 I hope). The pages should look ok in all the major browsers (Opera 6, Mozilla 1.0, MSIE 6.0), but looks totally crap in Netscape 4.*. If you are stuck with this, sorry…

Still plenty to do though, and I hope to add some more pages to this site soon…

Pictures from the trip to eastern Victoria have been put on the Gallery pages. The reason they are so late in coming is I’ve had some problems with uploading files with my bloody slow dial-up connection, but it was fixed after a phonecall this morning.

Just too bad the fix reduced my connection speed even more, so now I’m down to just 44.0 Kbps with a 56k modem… grrr.

I’m in the process of setting up my Blogger account (if you wonder about the strange posts from yesterday…)

This allows me to post news and other interesting stuff on my web page from anywhere in the world. No need to mess around with HTML, FTP or TELNET, you just log on to your account, make a new post, and press ‘publish’. It’s on your page in a few seconds.

It’s even got an archiving option, so that your old post are saved. Great Stuff!

I finally got Gallery up and running! You can see the finished results here.

This is a great piece of software, allowing you to do all maintenance of a photo album right in a web browser. No more manually editing the code for each and every image you have. It’s great for when you’re on holiday – just log in, upload pictures, and add captions.

Ok, enough advertising – go ahead and try it out!.

Thanks to Ingar at Kvalito who’s been very helpful with the installation on the web server!