Just to post something new at least once in a while – here’s an AI Drake song about browsing the web with the Vivaldi browser:

Internet searchin’, pages turnin’
Finding something new, never learnin’
Vivaldi, it’s the tool that I choose
A browsin’ journey, no time to loose
Exploring wide and far
Vivaldi, it’s my go-to star
Surfin’ the web with style and grace
Vivaldi, the browser I won’t replace

Source: Make AI Drake sing about whatever you want.

Terms & Conditions Apply – a fun (but also very frustrating) game about how web developers often intentionally use Dark Patterns to trick unwary users into accepting privacy-invading cookies, allowing notifications, signing up for their site and other shady practices.

A fun mini-game about pop-ups and the deviousness of websites and apps

Terms and Conditions Apply

Related article from The Guardian: Can you solve it? Are you smart enough to opt out of cookies?

Source: Terms & Conditions Apply – A fun mini-game about pop-ups and the deviousness of websites and apps

Bitcoin, cryptocurrency, blockchain—these things are huge, right? Still unsure if you should invest your time or money? Don’t know the difference between a Satoshi and a gigahash? Well, stock photography is here to help give us a sense of the inner workings, background, and the dos and don’ts of the bitcoin ecosystem.

Bitcoins are not for consumption!

Bitcoins are not for consumption!

Source: Bitcoin: A Stock Photo Cryptocurrency Primer – The Atlantic

Jon swimming to the USA

Jon swimming to the USA

Last week, in a bold (and quite foolhardy if you ask me) statement, Opera CEO Jon S. von Tetzchner declared that if the download numbers of the new Opera 8 Web browser reach 1 million within the first four days of the launch, he will swim from Norway to the USA with only one stop-over for a cup of hot chocolate at his mother’s house in his home country, Iceland.

Today it was revealed that the one million downloads goal was indeed reached, so at the moment I guess Mr. Tetzchner is preparing for the cold swim across the Atlantic. Keep abreast of the latest news at Opera’s 1 Million Download Challenge page. Will he actually take the (literal) plunge?

Daring Fireball has a Translation From PR-Speak to English of selected portions of Adobe’s ‘FAQ’ regarding their acquisition of Macromedia, and I think it does a good job of translating corporate mumbo-jumbo to more understandable terms. Quite funny but probably also true in a sad way…

You think the current version of Acrobat Reader takes too long to launch, runs too slowly, and uses too much memory? You ain’t seen nothing yet.

From NASA’s Astronomy Picture of the Day comes definite proof that there is infact, Water On Mars! And in other news…

  • Google introduces the Google Gulp, in four great flavours:
    … through our patented real-time DNA-scanning process, Auto-Drink™, Google Gulp is actually able to “take a picture” of your genetic profile, reconfigure its molecular composition on the fly, and subtly alter your brain’s intricate mosaic of axonial patterns in order to facilitate even faster cognitive processing.
  • RFC 4041 – Requirements for Morality Sections in Routing Area Drafts:
    Young people are particularly at risk from the rising depravity in society and much of the blame can be squarely placed at the door of the Internet. If you do not feel safe on the streets at night, what do you think it is like on the Information Superhighway?
  • Apple hires DVD-Jon:
    If you can’t beat them hire them – This seems to be Apple’s new motto. The reason being, it has hired DVD Jon. The very same Jon, who’s broken into iTunes thrice giving them sleepless nights.

That’s right, it’s that time of the year again…