Iraq: The Brecher Victory Plan – Gary Brecher, self-proclaimed War Nerd, on the US election, the Fallujah ‘offensive’ and a cunning plan to win the war;

… there’s only one man for this job: ol’ Soddom himself. Sure, there might be a problem explaining to the American voters why we blew a trillion dollars and a thousand GIs’ lives putting the guy we ousted back in power. But hey, just wrap the flag around Saddam. He won’t mind, he’s a flexible guy. And we’ll fall for it. We’ll fall for anything.

Great and thought-provoking writing as always, and be sure to check out the previous articles for more insight on the harsh realities of modern warfare.

I figured I would need a book to read on the road the next weeks, especially on monday’s 11 hour long bus trip to Sydney, so yesterday I went to one of the used bookshops in Camberwell to see if I could find a good one.

Browsing through dusty old bookshops, with nothing in particular on my mind is pretty enjoyable, just looking through shelves with hundreds of books I’ve never heard of. Sometimes there might be a special book I look for, but mostly I just browse randomly, looking for interesting titles or books from authors I’ve heard or read about somewhere.

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