Another World

Another World screenshot

Another World screenshot

If you, like I did, grew up playing video games on the Amiga back in the early 90s, you probably came across Another World, a classic game with what at the time was revolutionary character animation and an original story that drew you in from the beginning. It is also one of the most frustrating games I have ever played, with parts so insanely difficult to complete they leave you swearing over the keyboard after failing for what feels like hundred times. But that only makes the feeling when you finally complete a part even better.

Recently the game has been released in an updated version for playing without needing an emulator, with high-resolution graphics and improved sound for those of us wanting to (re)experience one of the best video games ever. You can download the short demo at the Official Site, and the registration fee for the full game is only seven Euros – really cheap for this much retro-gaming enjoyment!

Also, don’t miss the excellent write-up at Binary Bonsai entitled How I learned everything I need to know about games from Another World.

2 thoughts on “Another World

  1. Aye, they also released a free version of the game for the GameBoyAdvanced
    it is a wicked game!

  2. Husker den ja. Hvordan går det? Lenge siden sist 🙂 Jeg har nettopp flyttet tilbake til Skedsmo igjen Bor du i Oslo eller? Tommy (91162582)