Opera Software today released the latest version of their excellent web browser, Opera 7.50. I’ve used Opera as my primary browser for several years, and completely love it. It works for almost all sites I visit, it has an indispensable pop-up blocker, easy tabbed browsing, cookie manager, and tons of other technical advantages over other browsers.

The security of Opera is also excellent, especially compared to that huge security hole, Internet Explorer. The latest version is a major leap forward in usability and features, with an improved user interface, an RSS reader, IRC chat client, and lots of other improvements – have a look at the Change Log for the full list.

Download it today – I promise it will change your experience browsing the web, for ever!

There’s a new story on Fray entitled The Worm Within. It’s a very funny, and quite enlightening (in a gross kind of way) tale about a special kind of bowel movement…

The humourous illustrations are also great. I guess no matter how “civilized” or “urban” humans become, nature’s parasites will always find a way to get inside.

The Swedish Nobel e-Museum has an interactive Conflict Map of wars and armed struggle around the world in the years from 1900 to 2000. Moving the timeline at the bottom you can see how armed conflicts have erupted all over the world during the 20th century.

The map is an interesting and frightening lesson about one of the most violent centuries in human history. Let’s just hope the 21st will be better for humankind, although I can’t say it looks good at the moment…