I’m usually not much of a gadget freak, but occasionally a product comes along that just immediately makes me want it real bad, and the Asono Sound Hub is one of those.

It has almost a perfect feature set for this kind of device, even including an option to record from FM radio. It’s not out for a few weeks, and will sell for about 3500 kroner, which is too expensive for me at the moment … but I can always dream, can’t I?

On Saturday I went with some friends to see legendary remixer, producer, and DJ Francois Kevorkian playing at club Blå. Kevorkian is part of the old school of DJs who started out in the late 70’s New York City, along with other legends like Larry Levan and David Mancuso.

I’d never seen him play, so I gladly paid the stiff (kr 170,-) entry fee to get in. As we got there around eleven, he was already mixing away behind the decks, and continued playing until closing time, gradually building up the mood of the party.

It was a very good set, although at times it got a bit too hard and minimal for my taste (or maybe I’m just getting old). Anyway, it had been a long time since I last danced to proper house music, and I had a very good time, and hopefully the others did too! I think I’ll try to go more out dancing (to good music) from now on, it’s been much too long…

I recently decided to invest in a upgrade for my old computer, which up for the last four years has been running at a measly 450mhz – not exactly state of the art these days.

Not wanting to mess around with a new motherboard, I bought a Powerleap slot-1 upgrade with a 1.4ghz Intel Celeron CPU from Jarep Data, as well as a GForce FX5600 card and 160GB hard drive from Komplett. The total cost was about 3500 kroner, which is not bad considering that this upgrade hopefully will might make this PC last a few more years…

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