A few days ago I found that Matrix Games have released version 8.0 of Steel Panthers World at War, in my opinion one of the very best turn-based strategy war games ever made. It is based on the classic Steel Panthers series by SSI, which was taken over by Matrix Games and released as a free (!) game.

SPWAW Screenshot

SPWAW Screenshot

It has much improved graphics and game-play over the original games, as well as has a large user community of players that discuss tactics and help each other out with issues. I highly recommend trying out this game for other strategy interested people out there!

During the weekend, the server administrator at my host SDF moved half the hosted sites, including mine, over to another server, Gronland. This caused my gallery installation to mysteriously start working again! I still have no idea what caused the error, so unfortunately I cannot help those still stuck with a non-funtioning Gallery on the old server, Otaku, even though I would like to…

I’ve also looked over my PHP code after a part of my code caused the web server to hang. For instance, I’ve changed my use of include() to include_once(), and also do some checking if the file exists before I try to include it. Hopefully this will prevent these problems occuring in the future.

I’m a bit hung over today (not too bad, though), after having a good time yesterday, celebrating the coming of the new year with great food and friends at Rune and Hege’s. Thanks a lot guys! And for those I didn’t get a chance to greet yesterday, and everyone else – I wish you all the best for 2004, and I’ll see you all soon I hope.

Also, in the January 2004 issue of Wired Magazine, there’s a great article entitled 101 Ways to Save the Internet, which presents a list of proposals to improve the Internet and make it harder for evils like spammers and viruses to destroy it. It’s a good read.