A few weeks ago I discovered that my Gallery was no longer working. I’ve had very little problems running Gallery here, and although there have been a couple of problems in the past, usually they can be sorted out by looking at error messages or the web server logs.

This time, though, there’s absolutely no feedback at all – the loading just stops before any data is received by the browser. I’ve posted help requests on the official Gallery page as well as in the help board here on SDF, so hopefully this will be fixed real soon…

Christmas is coming, and in the spirit of the season, the people over at Downhill Battle have a warm holiday message – a site warning that CDs Make Bad Gifts for Kids, and offers advice for both parents/loved ones and the would-be receivers. The kids advice section, where she ends up swapping in the Britney CD for a pack of CD-Rs, is especially cool!

“I got that on the computer like two months ago.”

Do you really want to deal with this?

Do you really want to deal with this?


Nick Bradbury of Bradsoft has released version 1.0 of the excellent RSS reader FeedDemon.

I’ve been using this great app as a beta for a couple of months, and I highly recommend it. For those who don’t know, an RSS reader allows you to browse your favourite news sources from a single place, and open only the items that interest you, saving a lot of time and bandwidth. The number of sites using RSS feeds increase all the time, and for instance most of the major newspapers here in Norway use them, like Aftenposten, Dagbladet and VG Nett.

I’m using a trial version at the moment, but I’ll probably pay the registration fee (USD 29.95) very soon, since I’m using it to keep updated almost every day. If anyone is interested (which I doubt…), I also have a feed for this site, which gets updated every time a new item is posted, although that is not very often nowadays…