At long last, an update …

It’s been almost a year, so I thought it would be about time (to say the least) for an update. To be honest, there hasn’t really been much to write about – my life isn’t very exciting at the moment – and I’ve not had much access to the Internet. Anyway, here’s whats going on:

Since the market for IT jobs in Norway is pretty slim, I’ve been working at Postens Brevsenter in Oslo since february. I work part-time with sorting of letters in large machines – not exactly exciting work, but the pay is ok, the people are (generally) nice, and I can get some overtime in if I need it. I used to work there in my student-days, so I already knew what the job was like. The last six weeks have been full-time work during the holidays, so I’ve saved up some money, which will come in handy.

I’m also still living at my mothers house in Strømmen, which is fine, but I feel I really need to move somewhere else now. Living a year at home after having lived on my own the last six years is not exactly really what I had planned at this stage in my life. Luckily, my friend Henning is planning to buy an apartment somewhere in Oslo soon, and rent out a room for me, so the moment he gets it, I’m out of here!

I think I can earn enough at work to pay the rent and other expenses, if I put in overtime when I can get it. In my spare time I plan to improve my skills in programming and networks, and apply for IT jobs. Hopefully the situation will change for the better soon, so keep your fingers crossed!