These days I’m making final preparations to leave Melbourne. This morning I returned my computer to the shop. After that, I’ve been down to the CBD to do some shopping, getting souvenirs and presents for people back home. Toy kangaroos, koalas, and stubbie holders, nothing expensive. Bought a couple of picture books from Melbourne and Victoria as well.

Last night we went to see the remake of Insomnia, originally a Norwegian movie from 1997. I can’t remember the original being all that good, and the new wasn’t an improvement. The atmosphere is not nearly as eerie and creepy, and the music can’t compare at all with the dark, ambient score by Biosphere for the original.

Later today I’ll probably go out and have some beers with some friends. My flight back home leaves Monday afternoon, and I’ll be at Gardermoen sometime Tuesday morning. looking forward to see all the friends and family again.