MIFF final day

I went to the final day of the MIFF yesterday, and saw three shows in a row – first the South Korean Teenage Hooker Became Killing Machine in Daehakroh, which was a disappointment really. Too artsy and drawn out (yes, even for me), although it got better towards the end. Following that I saw two documentaries about aboriginal Australians, the highly acclaimed Black Chicks Talking, followed by Gulpilil: One Red Blood, which were both wonderful.

As I came out from this show, I saw people lining up for ‘Tokyo Express’, a programme of new japanese anime, so I decided to get a ticket for that as well. Came home about a quarter past twelve, pretty tired from over six hours of movies. But it was worth it, I guess, and now i can feel prepared for upcoming festivals in Oslo this winter…

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