Light my Fire

Yesterday night about 22:30 the firealarm in the apartments I’m living went off. Usually I don’t worry much about it, since it often goes all the time when people make food in the small apartments without ventilation. This time, however, one of the other tenants came out in the hallway and started shouting ‘Fire! There’s a fire – get out!’ I opened the door, and could smell the smoke, and see it coming from downstairs.

Luckily the apartment complex is pretty small; only three stories, so we quickly got on the ground floor. The smoke was thick in the air here. Some guys managed to get into the apartment where they thought the fire was. The place was filled with smoke. I’d brought the fire extinguisher, and one of the (braver) guys went in to see if he could find and the fire and put it out. After a while the old guy living there also came crawling out, coughing and out of breath, and I mangaged to pull him outside.

After about 5 minutes the firetrucks arrived – they are based close by. They went inside and put out what fire there was, and started giving the poor guy oxygen, since he was having a hard time breathing. An ambulance arrived after a while as well. The guy looked really bad, and mumbled something about a cigarette. The other neighbours told that he was an alkoholic, and was probably drunk when he fell asleep with a lit cigarette.

After the firetrucks left, I left my windows open to air out my place, and went out to meet Kurt for a couple of beers, since I was kinda shaken up by the whole thing. Too much action for me – my legs were kinda shaky afterwards. I was relieved that the fire was put out quick, since my worst nightmare now just before I’m moving home would be losing all my stuff in a fire. Thankfully it went fine.

One thought on “Light my Fire

  1. Oh my. That had to be pretty scary Stian. Good thing nothing/none was damaged. Well, its must be a hint for you to get your ass home to Norway. 😉