New Pics…

I’ve added the final batch of pix from my holiday to the gallery, this time Brisbane, Australia Zoo and Whale Watching. Some of the pictures have sadly been a bit damaged by light, just another sign that I really need to get myself a new (and preferably digital) camera.

Also, I took about 2 rolls of film on the whale watching trip, but only a few came out any good, the rest were too far away, or showed just water… The price of not having a camera with zoom. The ones that were good still made it worthwhile!

Cape Byron Lighthouse Stradbroke Island Whale Watching

No captions yet of course… have patience. Not many days left now, and I have better things to do than put captions on photos on a saturday evening.

One thought on “New Pics…

  1. Yeah, my camera was a good camera but without zoom. As that camera is losted I am looking for a new camera with zoom this time. Probably a digital cuz I dont think I am that photoalbum kind of guy. Thats for girls isn’t it?