Animation Time

Here are some fantastic web animations I’ve noticed recently (mostly from B3ta!):

  • Weebl And Bob – Bull. The latest in this wonderful series. They also have T-Shirts available!
  • Cat Song – A cute japanese flash featuring a cat in a box.
  • Chinko Anesan(?) – Another weird japanese animation featuring the cat, as well as some strange sexual ASCII art! I must learn Japanese…
  • And then there’s Lumpy, of course.


3 thoughts on “Animation Time

  1. Chinko Anesan
    Easy: North Korean sex education cartoon for primary schools. Possibly played for laughs ‘cos it’s taking the piss out of “dog faces” (Citizens of the USA).

  2. j66:
    That’s a good theory 😀
    I’ve been trying to find some more info about what this crazyness is about, so if anyone has any ideas (or know japanese/korean?) and wants to help explain it, please go ahead…