Beautiful Country

Yesterday I went to see the new movie from Hans Petter Moland, Beautiful Country, about a young Vietnamese man, Binh, who sets out to find his father, an American who served in the country during the Vietnam war. It is an often sad and moving story that touches upon subjects like the plight of refugees, modern slavery and how a war affects people and their destinies long after it is over.

In one of the scenes, where refugees are on board a small, waterlogged boat in a storm, I was reminded of the Tampa incident a few years ago. But through all the misery there are also scenes where glimmers of hope and humanity shine through.

The main characters are excellently portrayed by Damien Ngyen and Bai Ling, in other roles Tim Roth and Temuera Morrison are very realistic in the roles of the cold-blooded captain of the slave ship and a greedy slave trader, and Nick Nolte gives a great performance as Binh’s father . I highly recommend this movie, and hope that more people go see it in the coming weeks.