François Kevorkian at Blå

On Saturday I went with some friends to see legendary remixer, producer, and DJ Francois Kevorkian playing at club Blå. Kevorkian is part of the old school of DJs who started out in the late 70’s New York City, along with other legends like Larry Levan and David Mancuso.

I’d never seen him play, so I gladly paid the stiff (kr 170,-) entry fee to get in. As we got there around eleven, he was already mixing away behind the decks, and continued playing until closing time, gradually building up the mood of the party.

It was a very good set, although at times it got a bit too hard and minimal for my taste (or maybe I’m just getting old). Anyway, it had been a long time since I last danced to proper house music, and I had a very good time, and hopefully the others did too! I think I’ll try to go more out dancing (to good music) from now on, it’s been much too long…