[Joachim Nielsen]

Joachim Nielsen

Last Thursday late Norwegian rock legend Joachim Nielsen aka Jokke would have celebrated his 41st birthday. His death in 2000 was a big loss for the Norwegian rock-community – he was a great song-writer, and one of the few artists who have managed to write good norwegian lyrics that everyone can relate to.

During the years from 1986 to 1999 he released a line of classic rock albums with the bands Valentinerne and later the Tourettes.

His birthday was celebrated with a big tribute concert at Rockefeller and the release of the double-CD tribute ‘Det beste til meg og mine venner – en hyllest til Joachim Nielsen‘, with 50 (!) bands covering his songs. Of course, with that many bands the result is bound to be varied, and not everything has turned out well, a big disappointment is Turbonegro’s unimaginative version of ‘Her Kommer Vinteren’, but all in all it’s well worth the money.

Also, the profits of the release goes to benefit the Rainforest Fund, as wished by Jokke’s family, so you are really supporting a very good cause by buying this CD!

Below are three of the more outstanding tracks on the tribute, and there are plenty more like this!

  • Søvnløse Netter – This is one of my favourite Jokke tracks, and a great cover by Rock Metal Soliders, bass-heavy and groovy Metal!
  • Alt Kan Repeteres – Rappers Tungtvann with their take on the song, very fresh and original!
  • Et Godt Parti – The Launderettes does a classy garage-rock cover of this song.