Opera Software are celebrating their 10th anniversary today… and they’re having a big party where they also are giving away free licenses for their browser as long as the party lasts! While you’re there you can have a look at the milestones page for a rundown of company history, and also see how the browsers look has changed over the years.

MultiTorg Opera (v1.0)

MultiTorg Opera (v1.0)

I’ve used the Opera browser since version 5, which came out in 2000, and been a registered user since 2001. In my opinion Opera surpasses every other browser I’ve tried in terms of speed, usability and customization options, and now there’s no way I’m using anything else for browsing the internet.

Happy Birthday Opera – and all the very best wishes for the next ten years 🙂

Some rotten bastards stole my bike yesterday from right under my nose – I was stupid enough to leave it unlocked outside for five minutes while I went upstairs to get something and when I got out it was gone. Just like that..

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The heartiest congratulations to my dearest friends Morten and Therese who got married this weekend!

Morten and Therese

Morten and Therese

I was Morten’s Best Man so I had a couple of duties, and was a bit nervous, but all went fine. I had a wonderful time and hope everyone else did as well.

I wish all the very best for the happy couple!

I’ll post more pictures from the wedding as soon as I get them, since I didn’t use my own camera that much…

Some good news – I’ve gone to the very mature (for me) step to buy an apartment here in Oslo! The place is in Vøyensvingen at Ila, and it’s a small 1-room apartment with kitchen.

Not very big but just perfect for my modest needs, and it’s conveniently located – just 10 minutes on bike to the center of town and the area is very nice, quiet and close to the river. It was not all that expensive either so I didn’t need to take up a large loan, which helps a lot.

The apartment is quite old so it needs a bit of work, for instance there is just a shared shower in the hall at the moment, but there will be work to fix all the apartments here during the coming winter. Other than that I’m really satisfied with it and it’s nice to finally have a place I can call my very own. More info later as I get more settled in…