I’ve recently started listening to the US band Brian Jonestown Massacre after they were higly recommended on a local radio station, and I downloaded all their stuff from their mp3 page.

Their music is influenced by many different styles – 60s pop, 70s psychedelia and 90s indie rock/shoegazing with a bit of that great psychedelic indian sitar sound thown in. Named after the legendary Rolling Stones guitarist and the town of religious fanatics who committed mass suicide in 1978, they’ve existed since the early 90s, which kind of makes me regret I had not heard of them earlier…

Oslo Atletico – Last Ninja from the recent (and most excellent) Don’t Hang The DJ Volume Two compilation – 8-bit microcomputer-game influenced music for the dance floor!

Also from the same release comes Pizzy Yelliot – Could You Be Loved: This is what happens when one of Oslo’s leading DJs attempt a Bob Marley cover while under the influence of noxious chemicals 😉