US Raver site Ishkur has put up a Guide to Electronic Music. The guide shows how the different styles of electronic music evolved, all the way from the late 70’s electro, disco and ambient to modern styles you’ve probably never heard about, like “psytekk”, “synthron”, and “illbient”(!), along with soundbites and commentaries.

The comments are definitely not objective, often bitingly sarcastic and many are very funny – here’s a few examples:

Goa would be the best genre ever, if it weren’t for the fucking hippies

It’s really hard to find a New Age composer these days that you wouldn’t wanna rather give a swift kick in the shins.

Even if you don’t have an interest in electronic music, go check out the guide, you might learn something, and maybe even learn to appreciate this beautiful music!

Moving into Oslo, I brought my bicycle with me, of course, so I’ll be able to get to work on it, as well as going downtown for shopping, cinemas, and for just cruising around. It takes a quick 10-15 mins to get to work, much better than the 30 minute train journey I had before, not to mention cheaper and healthier. It’s also a lot of fun; riding fast through the streets on the bike is a real kick!

I’m pretty careful though, follow the traffic rules and make sure the car drivers see me, and at night I use lights to the front and rear. I’ve noticed that there’s a lot of cyclists here in Oslo that don’t use lights, ride the wrong way on the street and generally ignore the traffic rules, which is dangerous both to them and others.

Those wanting to learn safety and other tips on bicycling, should check out Ken Kifer’s excellent bike pages. Sadly, Ken was killed by a drunken driver few weeks ago. Hopefully, all the valuable information on the pages will be preserved even after the author is gone.

After 2½ years away, I have finally moved in to Oslo again! Turns out my friend Kurt got a job in London (cheers mate!), so his room at the flat in Schøningsgate was available. I jumped on the offer at once, of course, and moved in this weekend. I share the place with Marit, who owns it, and two guys – Lars and Raymond. The rent is pretty good (NOK 2500/month), it’s got cable broadband and my room is a good size, bigger than at my last place in Oslo, at least.

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