My apartment is almost bare now, after the Salvos came this morning to pick up the stuff I won’t need anymore, like my bed, desk and assorted kitchenware. The only things left are my computer, the cardboard boxes I’m sending home on monday, my backpack, suitcase, and sleeping bag. So I guess I’ll be sleeping on the floor tonight.

Now I’m cleaning out cupboards and closets, and listening to old disco classics. From tomorrow Kurt and Thomas gets the ‘pleasure’ of my company until I’m leaving on the 9th. Thanks a lot guys! And yes, before you comment – It is for real this time. No foolin’.

This afternoon I went to see the new Australian film The Tracker, starring David Gulpilil, at the Rivoli. It is beautifully shot, and takes on a dark and important part of Australia’s history – the persecution of the Aboriginal people. The story is at times a bit thin I think, and some of the scenes are too drawn out, but I enjoyed it.

Too bad I missed another Australian film on the same theme, Rabbit Proof Fence, when it was showing earlier this year, but I hope I’ll get a chance to see it soon.

Yesterday night about 22:30 the firealarm in the apartments I’m living went off. Usually I don’t worry much about it, since it often goes all the time when people make food in the small apartments without ventilation. This time, however, one of the other tenants came out in the hallway and started shouting ‘Fire! There’s a fire – get out!’ I opened the door, and could smell the smoke, and see it coming from downstairs.

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Kristen Nygaard, professor at the University of Oslo, passed away this weekend, at the age of 75. Together with Ole-Johan Dahl, who died in June, he was the inventor of Simula, the first object-oriented programming language. He was also one of the main people in the campaign against Norway joining the European Union in 1994.

This follows close after Edsger W. Dijkstra, who died from cancer on the 6th of August. That’s three great minds and recipients of the ACM Turing Award gone in a little more than a month. Sad indeed, and also a sign that the pioneers of the computing age are slowly passing away. Rest in Peace.

I went to the final day of the MIFF yesterday, and saw three shows in a row – first the South Korean Teenage Hooker Became Killing Machine in Daehakroh, which was a disappointment really. Too artsy and drawn out (yes, even for me), although it got better towards the end. Following that I saw two documentaries about aboriginal Australians, the highly acclaimed Black Chicks Talking, followed by Gulpilil: One Red Blood, which were both wonderful.

As I came out from this show, I saw people lining up for ‘Tokyo Express’, a programme of new japanese anime, so I decided to get a ticket for that as well. Came home about a quarter past twelve, pretty tired from over six hours of movies. But it was worth it, I guess, and now i can feel prepared for upcoming festivals in Oslo this winter…