Stolen Bike

Some rotten bastards stole my bike yesterday from right under my nose – I was stupid enough to leave it unlocked outside for five minutes while I went upstairs to get something and when I got out it was gone. Just like that..

I could actually see the dirty thieves down the street, one was standing on the rear of the bike. I tried running after them but although they didn’t go very fast I lost them after a while. I don’t think they even noticed I was running after them. I then got into a taxi and tried to find them again but no luck there.

This is all very sad for me since I’ve had the bike for eight years now and it was just perfect for my needs. I’ve spent lots of time maintaining it and even bought new tires this spring. I’ve been trying to find it yesterday evening and a couple of hours today,borrowed my dad’s bike and went all around the city center to see if I could see it. I’ll try some more tomorrow as well but probably I’ll buy a new one already next week since I’m so used to biking everywhere now I can’t stand the thought of taking the bus or walking…

Wish me luck finding it! 🙂